Bug searching ….

My godness, planned morning/evenning was a stress free testing of tracks/updates and all of this and suddenly I had problems with strange stutter racing against 19AI. Strange. I tested the GPLEA cars of the previous installer against this one. No luck. Changed from OGLv2 to D3Dv2. No luck.

Hmm. I checked against a soon to be released mod and this, while heavier on the GPL graphics had no problems. Compared core.ini settings as well as app.ini and player.ini values with no idea what might be different until I noticed that on the functioning GPL my pribluda.ini was customised where on the new one I used the default one. This helped because by slightly adjusting the pribluda.ini the new install was OK too.

So now after a lot of laps in the Cooper around Rouen I need some break and need to adjust the installer with regards to the changes in pribluda.ini.

Hope to be able to release a beta version during the weekend 🙂


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