Honda in car error and more stuff

Did some tests yesterday but no idea how to replicate the Honda Dash error which was reported. Strange.
However I did further tweaking and worked hard on a Welcome/What to do with the exe documentation 🙂 and gathered some more additional stuff. What’s next?

As soon as I have found all the small stuff I will rebuild a last beta which will be used for language specific and additional stuff. Language specific because it would be great if we could provide an Installer for every GPL language. At the moment you can select that you have an Italy GPL CD, for example, but after the language selection every further installer dialog window just use plain italy, non customised text entries. The component window will default to english descriptions. Would be great to have this translated as well as the 2 or 3 Installer help files which are additional to help and guide.

So still lot of stuff to do 🙂


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