A blog without news ….

Hehe, those few which visit this blog may wonder why there’s no news on the project. Well, a lot of day-to-day work, the Sportscar Mod release and I checked the hires patch from brr for GPL. Running GPL in 1280×1024 instead of 640×480 gave a nice replay window but all layout files need redoing for this.

I checked the files and thought to myself, what a mess. But I have an idea. Doing a LYT file editor would help using the hires menu stuff for GPL but how to do a new LYT file without knowing which PBF files are used and much more important how big they are and how they look. So I needed to create something to display PBF files. The code is there and seems to work. Now I need to reorganise the code and make it more usable.

Anyway, as Pete said, here’s a picture. So GPL is not dead and the installer isn’t abandoned. But I can’t divide myself 🙂

Oh the picture



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One Response to A blog without news ….

  1. M Needforspeed says:

    great Bernd ! If only I had this tool when I worked on the F2 67 carset menu ! A saving our precious time process.But alas it is consuming yours !


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