News? For sure :)

While Ginetto did a lot of tracks and I was having difficulties to update this blog there’s some good news 🙂

Ginetto finished Riverside. You can get it here:

Also the guys are working hard on the Can Am mod.

Now I received a nice mail from one and did start digging around and wanted to “complete” the installer. There’s been enough time to see the still existing “bugs”. I now know that I need to include teaminfo pictures for Bob Anderson, Jackie Stewart and Mike Spence. Consider it done 🙂

Next I checked the 67 patch 1.3 and it seems all is OK. Fine.

But now I have some problem. When you use the plain 1967 gpl.exe ( all is fine but the driver names. I’m uncertain what to do and did some digging around and there’s even less information around then a couple of months/years before. Still the crash of RSC was a main failure in terms of valuable GPL information. The current version is fine for car brands like Cooper/Honda. But the driver.ini file as well as the gpl_ai.ini are the ones which Papyrus have provided so the line up of drivers is wrong. I believe I would like to offer an almost historical correct lineup like the one used with the patch 1.3. It would be simple to just use the 2 files from the mod and store the papyrus originals in the repository and offer a choice that by default it would use the patched ones and you can manually decide which one to use. And I’m trying to get a grip if we can use patch 1.3 and leave out the modern setup settings.

Thinking 🙂

Thanks for checking in 🙂


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