Another little project and some Visual Studio adventure took some time

I used robocopy to make backups of the GPLPS projects from and to my external hard disk and to share the data between my PC and Notebook. But for the heck of it I could not remember the syntax and had all the time google the syntax. So I thought that a small C# project might be a better solution so I created a nice little application which at least saves the choices on the pc where it is used. Here’s a screenshot:

Those of you who actually try some of the GPLPS installer may have noticed that they are digitally signed. The digitally signing gives 2 advantages. First, you know it’s from me and second it makes it easier to verify if the file is OK or altered. But how the hell would a Visual Studio 2010 binary/dll be automatically signed with my certificate? Took some time to find the template for new projects and see how to put in a post-build event which will sign the binary automatically. I tested it and now it works. Nice but took some time. Sorry guys but my heat is full of ideas 🙂



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