Trials with my Robocopy GUI (something to learn :) )

I tried some time measurement today and while robocopy itself is very fast the CMD window is slowing it down a small bit but my program does slow it done tremendous.

Trying and searching I believe the whole problem is that updating the GUI window is the main problem. Which makes sense and I need to find a way around. I tried with backgroundworker and other things but was not happy with it.

Interesting stuff for sure 🙂 But it’s enough for today. Hope you guys are busy driving the Can Am cars around 🙂


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One Response to Trials with my Robocopy GUI (something to learn :) )

  1. Ankit Kumar says:

    I have used robocopy and didn’t find any satisfactory results. It all gets stuck at some point or another, one software which I found interesting and would recommend to anyone is GS RichCopy 360. Its been an year using this and till now no complaints whatsoever. Some of my favorite features include NTFS support, multi threaded file transfer, and many more. Its worth the money. Hope it helped you all!

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