Robocopy, time to complete and GPL rasterisers

Did a lot of testing this morning, got some headache and was able to see some interesting stuff. The latest V2 rasterisers and pribluda might give performance problems.

My tests with a cmd robocopy command and my GUI showed that my GUI was slow if you had a lot of files to copy like all my GPL files. I checked with threaded, asynchronous threads. No way.

To make it easier I rebuild the GUI and created a timer and then did some more tests. Robocopy with no grahical output is the fastest. Even faster then the CMD window. Robocopy and using a ListBox instead of a textbox or a picturebox is by far the fastest way.

And now compare this with GPL itself. The main problem seems to be drawing 2D text and not the process itself. I made some good progress and should be able to release a rebuild version during the week.

Sorry for this non GPL stuff 🙂


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