New GPL related project started

Yup, I started a new project. While the beginning was easy I’m stuck at a simple problem now with C#. I’m using binary reader to read a replay file from GPL. Fine 🙂

Now I get the drivername(s) by calling ReadChars(16). This is fine too but has problems with umlauts. Working on it for several hours now. Can’t be that complicated or?

Inspecting the char in question I see that the value is 0x65533 instead of 0xF6. Hmmmmm. Time for a break 🙂

Here’s a screenshot:



Solved via Encoding.GetEncoding(System.Globalization.CultureInfo.CurrentUICulture.TextInfo.OEMCodePage). But I’m not sure if I need to store the whole as binary to allow later for saving a replay lap. But now I need to get the laps attached to the driver names 🙂

AND A BIG THANKS TO Luca Panella. Without his work I could not even dream about this!



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