OpenGL progress … slow …

So while I had done some testing with the Microsoft painting and TRK I thought it would maybe be better to use something like D3D or OGL to display the TRK data. While in theory I can imagine a 3D room with XYZ, I believe everyone can do, getting even a sense of Matrix, camera and stuff made it hard to understand. Using the vertices from GPL seems to be the easy part for later. Now I need a grip how to display what I want. Basically it should draw the TRK from top view. Done. Then I want to be able to rotate the XY axis and display the altitude data and maybe, maybe yes, shade the textures so that you can see the later GPL track surface. At the moment I’m pleased that I seem to have a little more knowledge how to scale and rotate the matrix stuff 😀

See this simple starwars like screenshot 😉


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