Still there and working :)

While I can’t report much about anything related to GPL, I had some interesting days doing some programming stuff.

Trying to deploy some files with Delphi 2007/2009 as a System Account on Windows Vista/Windows 7 clients I learnt why it can be bad to have such ‘old’ compilers. I had a log file and while my application was telling me that the file exist and that it could delete it, I wasn’t able to see it. Turned out to be a problem with virtualstore and UAC. If it’s not a signed binary this can happen. As most of you know I have a certificate but I was unable to find a way to tell the IDE to use this during build.

So I tried with C#/VB and had not this problem because I can use the certificate with the visual studio IDE. Nice. But doing file stuff as a SYSTEM account might go wrong. So I create a logfile and used StreamWriter for this. Easy to use but on some machines it was empty. Hmm. No open process and no errors in event log  Took me some time to realize that a write command does not write directly into the file but writes into a buffer. This buffer seems to have a size of 16K which is a lot for a log file. So if the program had an error it closed the process and the buffered data was not written to the file. Turned out that for this special case it was better to use the flush method of the StreamWriter to make sure that the information is written.

My base problem was that the program runs hidden without a gui so I need the log data. Now it seems to run 🙂

Enough for today 🙂


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