Summer …

Hello friends,

it’s a while since I posted here and there might have happened a lot to GPL in this time. I had and have not much time at the moment for GPL. My business work keeps me busy which is the main reason while there is so little, to none, news on this blog.


I hope that I can find time again for GPL during fall/winter 🙂

Now, I will check the comments and will answer them if possible.


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2 Responses to Summer …

  1. Vence says:

    Nice to hear this gem is still withstanding the test of time. I am fairly new to GPL (about two years). I moved from the place where I used to play (on a 2011 HP all in one). My current PC is an older model with plenty of specs to handle the game with higher res etc. I found an old Microsoft Sidewinder with FFB at a thrift store that blooms GPL’s sim factor.
    I recently installed the ‘all in one patch’ yet Cooper and Honda are still Coventry and Marusama(sp?) respectively. I tried erasing my save (to free the Marusama usage/profile tie) to no avail. I just tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling the patch but have not restarted yet. I will continue to tinker as I had Honda and Cooper show on prior on the former PC.
    I was also wondering if anyone is still racing online or if there was a place I could post/shoot for lap times. I believe the Yahoo Groups I joined may be defunct. I’m on PST so GMT race times may be tricky but I would just like to get into some sort of loop.

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