GPLPS Installer

Here you find the link to the latest official GPLPS GPL Installer.

At the moment there are 2 versions active. One official released one and a beta version

GPLPS GPL Installer

Latest Beta Versions (as of 09.01.2016)

A tool to check the MD5 checksum can be found here You only need the installer file.

An important note to the newer installers. The newer installers will default to OpenGLv2 rasterisers. Please be advised that when you first launch GPL and you see the new driver information page please DON’T RELY ON A HARDWARE CURSOR ON TEXT INPUT FIELDS like Driver Name. Simply use the mouse to select it and type in your characters! Or use TAB key to activate but YOU WILL NOT SEE A HARDWARE CURSOR WHEN text input field has focus!

GPLPS Track Installer for F1 1965 season

This installer will install the missing tracks Clermont-Ferrand 65, East London and Charade Clermont-Ferrand (For GPL Rank 65 V1). Also it includes Goodwood, Syracuse, Enna, Brands Hatch and Killarne. All credits belong to the original track developers.

Status: beta


GPL 1965 Mod Installer 2.0.2

This installer basically installs a complete GPL 1965 F1 Mod Version 2.0.2. To allow a one-click installation this installer is a merged installation of the original GPL 1965 F1 Mod Version 2.0.1, the high res version of the Lotus 33 and the later published Version 2.0.2. Additional the recommended steering wheel fix from MECH is included as well. You will find the 65mod raised add-on from MECH in the repository\GPL65\MECH folder as well as an option in the “Select Components”. You have the choice to select the original, full installation, a customized, a historic ride height or a historic ride height with 2D helmets. There’s still some interesting debate as to the ride height of the original mod or the changed one from MECH is the right one. Due to the zillion options I’ll leave that to you and so I have limited the options to basically 2 when you want to use the ride height fix from MECH.

Status: beta


As soon as there’s a new version I will update this page.

Have fun 🙂

Edit (28.07.2013): I removed the link to the 0.97 installer. The main reason is that the installer is not current anymore and makes more problems then the newer ones, linked here. And because you can’t access them anymore. More news on the main homepage:


34 Responses to GPLPS Installer

  1. M Needforspeed says:


    I have just began to translate 6 pages of your new GPLPS Installer in FRENCH.Can I proceed to finish and send you the Word file at SRMZ when I finish ?


    Michel Vignères

  2. gplps says:

    Hi Michel!
    That’s great. There will be some corrections but they should be small. Interesting to find so much Pribluda stuff as well as 1.3 PB times problems.
    Before I upload a new version I will at least try to figure out what has to be done 🙂

    • M Needforspeed says:


      OK.I will work on it Monday and Tuesday . I will copy and paste your windows you insert in your tuto.if there is some windows contents that need to be translated, let me lnow


  3. Geoff says:

    gplinstall 0.99exe seems to be dead.

  4. gplps says:

    Hi Geoff,
    I will fix the link because there had been a more recent version and the link could be find in the blogs itself but it’s easier to fix here.

  5. gplps says:

    I changed the blog entry and corrected the link. Sorry for this.

  6. Geoff says:

    It’s downloading now. Thanks for your fast response.


  7. salvo rappa says:

    (GBL) Gran Bel Lavoro …thanks

  8. Pingback: Very small update of the GPLPS GPL installer ready | Gplps's Blog

  9. Paul D says:

    hi I installed with the 0.97 installer and it working with no problems
    Is there any improvements or benefits in using new beta installer?

    • gplps says:

      There’re small improvements like multiseason version of mexico, rouen historical, integration of the V2 rasterisers and included is the 67 1.3 patch. As long as your happy there’s no real reason to use the beta ones. I use the beta versions only. for myself.

      Hope that this answers your question a little bit.

  10. Robert says:

    Thanks for all the work, really great to easily update/reinstall GPL!

  11. davef says:

    Bernd , thank you for all your hard work on these installers ! The beta 1.07 installer
    is very good. Dave

  12. realzerom says:

    I am setting up beta 1.04 now. (I am now in Singapore)
    Although it is my first time to try GPL in 2013,
    except your blog, another sites all seem dead to me such as SRMZ, GPL links.

    Is it because I am in asia? or because it is too late to use links now.
    I am about to give up the game I always wanted to try when I get PC.

  13. Graham says:

    I can’t download the installer,any of them,My antivirus blocks the page and says its unsafe. When I override it the page doesnt load.Are the links still active?

  14. Marco Faustinelli says:

    The most important link is broken. Where has the preservation society gone?

  15. Jo says:

    Besser geht’s nicht 🙂

  16. Coolhand20th says:

    Bernrd, Idk if you remember me or not but its Coolhand20th from FW. Used to race with Dbond, Jussi and all the rest of those guys back in the day. Hope all is well my old friend. Get in touch when you can.

  17. George says:

    Fantastic work Bernd! Many thanks for your efforts. Just finished my first tour of all the tracks in 1920×1080. Your installer made life super easy!

  18. Blair says:

    Can anyone help me? I have Windows 7 and downloaded the 1.07 installed from above and nothing happened after it was done installing. Won’t run at all. Any ideas??

  19. Blair says:

    Thanks for all the help. Got it to work. Now I will have to spend weeks trying figure out the setups.

  20. Paul says:

    You are a legend!!
    The 1.07 all in one installer worked first time on my windows 7 PC.
    It is great to be able to play GPL again.Superb graphics and sounds.
    Many thanks from Paul down under in NZ

  21. Ausjacko says:

    Does the installer, 1.07, include the bandwidth patch?
    AND, thanks for a great installer that lets me revisit this great sim

  22. Greg Almon says:

    Fantastic work! Thank you.Thank you.

  23. Wildfire DK says:

    Download Links for the installer seam to be dead!!!!

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