Headache … Once again OpenGL text rendering …

While I had some other things to do, I was asked for some GPL related information and was once again confronted with OpenGL and drawing 2d text in GPL.


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Happy new year!!!

I wish you all a great, new year 2013!!!!

Enjoy and have fun with GPL and for sure greetings to your families and beloved !


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Ansi, UTF & BOM ???

GPL is an old application and likes his configuration files to be in ANSI format. Most of us are aware that the modern way to save text files use UTF-8 which is a no go for GPL.

As I know that I have seen some problems in the past with files saved as UTF-8 I decided to give it a go and check it 🙂

Whoooooa! A mistake? An adventure? 

The first: There’s UTF-8 and UTF-8. Strange? Yep. Some save UTF-8 with some special binary header bytes called BOM (byte order mark) and some don’t. So it’s easy to say if you find a file with those byte in front we have UTF-8.

Easy, or? But now the tricky part. We have a text file and save as UTF-8 without BOM. Now you don’t find the header bytes and where is the difference?

If you are american and the text file only contain normal GPL parameters and comments chances are 99.999999999% then this text file will be  ……………………………………… ansi.

What? Ansi but I converted the text file to UTF-8 without BOM in Notepad++. Can’t be.

Yes, it can. The reason is that the difference between ANSI and UTF will be mostly seen in extended characters like öäü. Then ANSI and UTF will differ and you can detect the difference. But this is not easy. I will test my routine later.

Here’s a great article: http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/Unicode.html

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Very small update of the GPLPS GPL installer ready

I have checked the latest installer 1.06 and have uploaded a newer version 1.07 as well as the MD5 check sum to make it easier to verify the integrity of the downloaded file. You find the link here: https://gplps.wordpress.com/gplps-gpl-installer/


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Basics are done and I’m able to draw the text in the loop …

As well as to delete it 🙂 Now I need some time to think how to get all of this together. So maybe really a good time to do some other graphical stuff for personal joy? No idea 😉



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Small development progress but a little more solved

So a long time no news but I was finally able to draw some text with opengl. Not that this is mandatory for my project but the ability to understand how to work with textures. The main problem is that I have to use a 2^n for seize to be able to display them on my notebook. Next step is to try to capsulate the texture object and find an easy way to inject into the render loop. After that the possibility to “pick” or “select” the object via mouse. Maybe I should start doing some ping-pong application first 😀

Sorry that development seems so slow but real life takes some time as well as my regular work which has nothing to do with OpenGL programming.

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More progress with OGL

I have a hard time to get it all together but made some good progress. At least I believe I do 🙂

Now I can draw the curvature with a normal color or a texture. This was and is “hard” because at this moment I use a polygon to connect the points of a inner and outer curvature. According to some docs I found doing this with a triangle function would be better. So it’s time to change this as well as to maybe create a small FPS counter so I can see how fast/slow it is.

As I have now some coordinates which means I can try it with an array of points makes things easier then to rearrange the circle functions every time 😉


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